Anne of Green Gables By: L.M. Montgomery Narrator, Colleen Winton

Anne of Green Gables
By: L.M. Montgomery
Narrated by: Colleen Winton
10 hours 20 minutes
Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press
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Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

photo of Lucy Montgomery
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Colleen Winton Narrator and Actress
Narrator Colleen Winton

Colleen Winton is such a special narrator, capturing every nuance with sensitivity and great perception. Her interpretation of Miss Rachel Lynde is unrivaled making Miss Rachel sound just like the busybody that she is. I especially love how she expresses the enthusiasm Anne has for everything and her nearly non-stop chatter which is so outstanding it made me want to tell Anne to be quiet. Her interpretations of each character are consistent throughout the book  and she has a lovely voice too. She shows extreme talent doing the shy Matthew who has taken a liking to Anne during their eight mile trip home and he dreads to tell her they expected a boy. It is an award winning performance from Ms. Winton, when Matthew faces Merilla with a girl and a girl with red hair and freckles. Perfection is what you get with this narrators reading of this classic and much loved Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.

Anne of Green Gables, first in the series of the Anne Shirley books, captures the heart and imagination from the very first page, where Lucy Montgomery skillfully blends the the nosy Miss Rachel heading for the Cuthbert farm to find out from Marilla Cuthbert where her brother Matthew was heading out to. To her astonishment she learns that Marilla and Matthew have decided to adopt a boy from the orphanage and he's to arrive on the train that day. Miss Rachel has nothing good to say about this yet can hardly wait to spread the news. The Cuthberts' feel a boy is just what sixty year old Matthew needs to help him out around the farm.

It's quite a surprise to Matthew when there is only a red haired, freckle faced girl waiting for him. Poor Matthew who is shy and doesn't talk much doesn't have the heart to tell the talkative child they were expecting a boy so he takes her home to let Marilla deal with it all. The journey home thrills Anne Shirley with her vivid and over active imagination and in a short time she has made a place for herself in Matthews heart thus becoming her champion in all things, especially when it is standing up for her against the stern and no nonsense Marilla.

Marilla is not pleased at all when Anne arrives and vows that she must be returned the very next day. Heartbroken and weeping little Anne Shirley is devastated as she already loved the farm, and everything she saw and was thrilled that she was going to have a  home and they wanted her. Marilla being a seemingly unlovely and harsh person is not too kind when she tells Anne and Matthew her decision. The story is as much about Marilla Cuthbert as it is about Anne Shirley and Matthew. As stern and flinty as Marilla appears she finds her inner core of softness though she would be loathe to admit it. She is deeply affected by Anne's telling of her past and Marilla feels pity for Anne and the sad life she'd had.

Such feelings are uncommon to Marilla, and instead of admitting that she really is intrigued with Anne she puts it on Matthew that he is the one that is taken with Anne and wants to keep her. When they arrive at Mrs. Spencer's her heart is already softening towards Ann and turning Anne over to be a drudge for the shrewish Mrs. Peter Blewett, who's reputation Marilla has heard a great deal and none of it good. Marilla has her first twinges of conscious and quickly back pedals and tells them that she came only to find out what the mix up was and that she'd have to talk it over with Matthew. With that Marilla heads home with a euphoric Anne Shirley. There is no mistaking the pleasure in Matthew's eyes when he see the both of them returning home.

Although the Anne Shirley books start in the late 1800's early 1900's they are so well written and poetic they still are loved by boys as well as girls. The characters are so well developed you become drawn into their circle of life and feel as if you know each one of them. It is so well divined that there is a special park people can visit on Prince Edward Island that is very popular. Where one can see the original Lover's Lane, and the Lake of Shinning Water and walk the paths that Anne did. You can visit their website here Anne Museum
or visit Green Gable's Park. I highly recommend buying the Audio Book as it is beautifully done by Colleen Winton and you will want to listen to it many times as you will never tire of it.


The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada, Book 1 Narrated by: Wayne Farrell

The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada
Book 1 of The Ian Fleming Files Series:
by: Damian Stevenson
Narrated by: Wayne Farrell
Length: 6 hrs and 11 mins

Damian Stevenson Author
Author Damian Stevenson

Narrator Wayne Farrell
Narrator, Wayne Farrell 

Just when you think a narrator surely can't outshine their last narration they surprise you like a lighting bolt with an even more heart stopping narration. Wayne Farrell has superseded himself with one of his greatest narrations to date. Ian Flemming would have been pleased, I know I am. I especially appreciated the slightly mystical tone he sets at the beginning of the book, and then with the slightest breathlessness when the mood changes and says " shattered the cathedral silence" ... then he smoothly picks up the crescendo to build to the faster pace for the arrival of Ian Flemming. Wayne Farrell always delivers exactly the right tone for the emotional content and excitement of the story. Excellent accents, outstanding French and German and his female voices were nice. The narration was so well done that you just hold onto the life raft and follow Farrell as he takes you on the undeniably greatest trip you'll go on in your lifetime. He brings the story to life in unimaginable ways.

Fans of Ian Fleming will really love this book, ripe with action, a generous amount of beautiful women, and enough exploits to keep them rapt for six hours. With the expected amount of lavish eating, drinking, and sexual delights, Ian Flemming manages to survive the the unimaginable and come out on top as a victor. Just when you think he's sure to get killed, like a magician he pulls a rabbit out of the hat and with some amazing maneuver he survives, putting even superman to shame. Women adore him, men admire or envy him and he is a hero in truest sense of the word.

Operation Armanda is a James Bond style story but from the Ian Flemming authors view. You can quickly research the life of Ian Flemming and how he developed the James Bond Series. The bones of the story are Flemming has to reach a French fleet of ships to negotiate an offer to Admiral Darlan. to buy them before France is invaded by Germany. The British do not want Darlan to sell them or have them taken from him by the Nazi's.

The challenge is getting Flemming into France during the German invasion to meet the commander of the fleet. Finally he is parachuted to a drop point in the Pyrenees, along with the radio operator. A storm nearly prevents them from jumping but of course in James Bond fashion, they go ahead and jump knowing it's risky. Flemming is almost sucked into the propellers but he manages to locate his hidden knife and cuts some lines and frees himself letting him land, alas, fifty miles away from the drop point. He locates his directions via a card and a compass and runs, yes, after nearly being killed in the propellers, hit by debris and heat and god knows what, nearly having the strong winds blow him off the edge of a precipice he still can run fifty miles.

Let me just say in order to enjoy it that you must keep in mind this is fiction, a novel. Set aside
your knowledge of WW 2 facts and think of some of it as steampunkish. Otherwise you will be unhappy with the story. It is an action packed adventure of a secret agent. Doing all the things we've come to think secret agents do. It is a mixture of fact and fantasy, Wayne Farrells narration actually is so wonderful that he makes you suspend disbelief so just follow along for the ride and enjoy it. Not being a spy enthusiast I do enjoy WW 2 history very much, I still enjoyed the book for what it is. I am not sure reading the story would have been as much fun or as interesting as listening to Mr. Farrell.