Captain of My Heart Heroes of the Sea, Book 2 By Danelle Harmon Narrated By Wayne Farrell

Captain of My Heart
Heroes of the Sea, Book 2
By Danelle Harmon
Narrated By Wayne Farrell
Series: Heroes of the Sea, Book 2
Length: 14 hrs and 20 mins

Author Danelle Harmon Historical Romance Author
Danelle Harmon Author

Wayne Farrell Narrator
Wayne Farrell Narrator

An excellent narration is not a promise but a guarantee when the narrator is the talented
Wayne Farrell. Once again he presents a stunning and multifaceted reading of Captain of My Heart. We've heard the excitement, fear and terror he's expressed in other books and we have a treat this time with his romantic voice. Yes, indeed a very melodious and romantic tone sets the scenes to perfection. Let Mr. Farrell whisk you away to 1775 and into the world of ships, and seas, and romance. I appreciate the fact that Mr.Farrell, although of Irish descent is able to pronounce words properly. I listened to a book last week where the narrator could not manage the th sound in a single word. It was terrible to listen to.

Captain of My Heart starts off with a flourish that pretty much continues throughout the book. Captain Brendan Merrick was highly thought of by his old crew and was moving up the ranks in
His Majesties Navy. Now a Flag Captain he makes an unexpected visit to his old ship and crew to investigate reports of unusually cruel punishments. Brendan finds out just how cruel and unjust the new captain Crichton is. A violent confrontation between them sends Brendan overboard and his artistically talented sister wounded.

Brendan is rescued and becomes a privateer in the American Colonies and dreams of building a ship unlike any other and the only shipbuilder of any worth is Ashton. Once Brendan meets Ashtons' daughter Mira he is both intrigued and repelled by her. Mira has her heart set on no one but Brendan. Once Mira has nearly killed him with her wild horseback riding, he quickly decides he wants nothing to do with her and her hoydenish ways and sets out to locate the next best shipbuilder. Mira is not going to let him leave so easily and goes late at night to his ship to apologize to him. Now no decent woman goes to a mans quarters and that late at night and Brendan points this out to her. Undaunted by conventions she remains and present her case.

2014 has been a first for running into books with thoroughly unlikable protagonist and Mira is at first place as a detestable and unbelievable main character. She's rude, unruly, tries to pass herself off as young man or boy, just very obnoxious. Her father and brothers are not much better. Her only redeeming character is she rescues cats and takes very good care of them.

What comes to mind is Mira is the female equivalent of the 'bad boy' that so many young women are attracted to. It just seemed so unlikely that a gentleman of good breeding would find anything about her intriguing. She is not just a spitfire like in so many romance books but an uncultured, self centered hoyden.

The book is excellent for scene setting with in depth descriptions that bring the story to vivid life. It is well written and heavy on action and adventure. Wayne Farrell with his distinctive voice and ability to create a mood makes it a very enjoyable book even if the characters are flavorless.

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Dixie Diva Blues by Virginia Brown Narrator Karen ComminsAuthor

Dixie Diva Blues
Dixie Diva Mysteries, Book 3
Written by: Virginia Brown
Narrated by: Karen Commins
Length: 12 hrs and 47 mins
Bell Bridge Books

Virginia Brown author of  Dixie Diva Blues, The Dixie Diva Series
Author Virginia Brown

 Karen Commins narrator of Dixie Diva Blues
Narrator Karen Commins

Karen Commins transitions from Drop Dead Divas to Dixie Diva Blues characters
very smoothly. You will easily know when it's Bitty and when it's Trinket speaking. The other Southern speakers also have nice individual voices. Karen Commins does a believable and lively reading. I like the way she is able to dramatize everything so expertly. Bitty is so arrogant and defiant and Ms.Commins captures precisely the tone of Trinkets caustic remarks you can just see Trinket rolling her eyes in askance with Bittys' boldness and hair brained schemes. Self absorbed Bitty seldom notices the chaffing and tongue in cheek comments from Trinket.  

The Dixie Divas certainly outdo themselves in Dixie Diva Blues, when they rally around Rayna to help get her husband Rob Rainey out of jail and prove he is not a murderer. Off they go to a near by town, Clarksdale, to post bail for Rob. Something that should go smoothly, very nearly doesn't when Bitty refuses to leave Chen Ling her very spoiled pug in the car. Bitty as always wins the argument but not until she's turned things into a three ring circus. Once Rob is bailed out he pleads with the divas to not get involved in trying to find the real killer of Larry Whittier. Bitty over-rides everyone with her skewed logic that the diva's have found other murders in the past and vows they will find Larry's killer.

Rob is a bondsman and insurance investigator and had tracked down Larry Whittier to a rental cabin in the Clarksdale area. When he went there to arrange a bail bond and make sure he showed up at court, something Rob did on a regular basis but when he knocked on the door Larry told him to go away, but the door was unlocked and he went in anyway, only to be hit on the head from behind. When he came too Larry was dead and the cops showed up and arrested him for murdering Larry. Ballistics results showed Rob's gun was the one used to kill Larry.

Trinket, Bitty and Gaynelle rent the cabin that Larry was killed in to see if they can find any clues and to talk to employees and anyone else that was there the day of the murder. Of course they are not the only ones interested in looking for clues there and the three of them attack and are attacked by a ninja clad intruder that woke them in the middle of the night with his opening and closing of drawers and cabinet doors. Armed with nothing the Divas prevail, after all what's one ninja against three Divas. Knowing now that someone else is searching for something, they intensify their own fishing expedition.

With additional clues under their belts they later investigate the storage bin that Larry Whittier had been arrested for breaking into. With Bitsy in the lead as usual she dresses up Trinket to look like a man so they can persuade the office clerk to let them into the storage unit. This nearly gets the two of them arrested but the do manage by sheer luck to find what Larry was breaking into the unit to get.

The antics of these Divas are so hilarious you will laugh out loud. Only the Divas and more particularly Bitty can come up with the most hair brained schemes that often put them in danger of either being arrested or killed. Things manage to come out alright in the end mainly because of Bitty's incredible good luck and perseverance. The Diva Series are all fun and wildly crazy with antics that only these southern belles can come up with. A good cozy mystery to warm up to on a chilly winters night with a mint julep of course. Karen Commins does do a masterful presentation of these southern ladies.